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Thursday, June 5

LIRR Station Anagrams

I haven't had much time over the past week to sit down and write much, but I do have a couple things I plan on getting up soon.  In the meantime, as I try to continue chiseling away at my to-do list, I created a quick LIRR-related game that you can try your hand at in the interim.  A little while ago, Sunny Zheng created a map of the LIRR system, but took all of the station names and replaced them with anagrams (using the same letters, but rearranging them into different words) of the various station names.

Yesterday, I took all of the different station name anagrams and made the following game out of them.  You're given the anagram of the station name and you have to supply the actual, unscrambled station name.  Anagrams for all of the LIRR's 124 stations are provided there, and you can try to guess as many as you can.  At the end of the time limit, or when you give up, it shows you the correct answers for all of the stations you missed.

Give it a shot at some point.  I tried it yesterday, and it is pretty difficult, but not impossible if you know your LIRR stations.  Good luck!


  1. I got most but the ones that got me were the ones where you left out letters (see Lawrence) or added letters (see Carle Place)

  2. Broadway and Auburndale are both spelled incorrectly in the answers

  3. I made the fixes to address both yours and Michael's comment above.

  4. Wow, this is tough!

  5. Maybe i am nitpicking but...shouldn't penn station not be listed since it's not really a LIRR station?

  6. The original anagram map was based off of this schematic map of the LIRR for the map schematics page, so it includes Penn Station and excludes the employee stops.


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