Saturday, December 28

The LIRR in 2013, A Look Back

Since this is the time of year when everyone takes "a look back" at the events of the past year, I figured I would do the same for the LIRR.  While 2013 was a year that some railroads wouldn't mind forgetting, the LIRR didn't do that bad.  Ridership numbers are up, and in a couple months when the year end tallies come out, hopefully we will all be pleased; lots of service that had once been taken away previously was restored, and even more service was added.  Contracts for several big projects were handed out and the LIRR beings to set their sights on a big future ahead.  The railroad did have a couple of rough patches, and it does not appear they will meet their year-end OTP goals, but the amount and frequency of major disruptions has declined over the last couple months.

Let's take a look back...
Looking back at the long list of things that we've seen out of the LIRR this year, I think we can conclude that the LIRR didn't do half bad.  They ticked us off on occasion, but they made multiple service improvements and awarded multiple contracts that will continue to build up and improve the LIRR.  On Monday we'll take a look ahead at what 2014 might have in store for the LIRR.  It's been a fun eleven-and-a-half months for me since this site's inception.  I've certainly learned a whole lot more about the LIRR in 2013 and hopefully you did too.  There are lots of exciting things coming up in 2014, so do wander too far away!


  1. Thank you for your tremendous and always informative efforts this year. I'm glad I discovered your site mid year, and I look forward to seeing more great information in 2014. To complement your "a look back at 2013" post, I hope between now and January 1 you post your views on "a look forward into 2014". For me personally in 2014, I would love to see the LIRR add a weekday morning Off-Peak train from Speonk to NYC; and, make their Summer Sat/Sun mid-afternoon train from NYC to Speonk a year-round operation.

  2. Can they relay a train at Mastic ?
    That station's 2006 weekend ridership is 400.
    Speonk is much farther out, and has just 288.

    1. It is theoretically possible to relay a train there, but it usually works out better with timing the single tracking between Sayville and Patchogue to just have the trains run to Speonk and back.

  3. Excellent post! Very informative.

  4. I think you forgot early in the year (January?) The deadhead M3 train -vs- car at Brentwood station.


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