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Wednesday, November 27

Interlocking Walkthrough: Y

I am sleepily writing this interlocking walkthrough post while slouching aboard train 2702, the 1:10am train from Jamaica to Montauk, so please forgive any possible typos or minor oversights I might accidentally make as I compose this post.

Y interlocking is the last interlocking in the alphabet and it is also the last interlocking in double-tracked territory on the Montauk Branch.  Positioned just east of Sayville, this interlocking is composed of one simple switch:

In terms of interlockings, they don't get much simpler.  West of here the Montauk Branch is two tracks, east of here it's one.

Sayville is a bit of interesting place on the LIRR.  It is one of the few places where crossing predictors were installed back in the 90's and you can still spot some "delay in block" signs scattered about.  Both of these are things that I will try to go through in more detail when I'm more awake (sorry!).

(Art Huneke Collection/Trans Are Fun.com)
Y interlocking has been a remote interlocking to either PD tower (or more recently BABYLON tower after PD met its end), however, back in the very beginning of the last century, there was a small hut called "Y" cabin that stood on the grounds of Y interlocking.  It was taken out of service permanently on June 7th, 1939.

For the most part, Y interlocking gets a good workout all throughout the day.  Every Montauk Branch train has to traverse this tiny interlocking at some point during the day (and the Montauk Branch, like the Oyster Bay Branch, is technically a one-way street between Babylon and Y, so westbound trains have to go on the westbound track and eastbound trains on the eastbound track).

I'll leave you with a cab video of a train going up to and utilizing Y interlocking.  Don't blink or you'll miss it (not really, but it does pass through it quick).   You can still see the Pennsy-type position light signals, which, to my knowledge, were not replaced back in 2006 when PD, JJD, and SK got a makeover.  Here's the video (if you subscribe to the site by e-mail, you may have to view this in your web-browser to see the video):
(Video Credit: YouTube User kuzzel540)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes  our interlocking walkthorughs! (Hooray!)   Over the next couple of weeks I just have some loose ends to tie up and then we will move on to the various Amtrak-operated interlockings in and around Penn Station. 

Thanks to all of you who have been reading along since AMITYVILLE (and everyone else who's hopped on at intermediate stops along the way)!  At this point, the Index of LIRR Interlockings is just about complete, you can now go back and click through all of your favorite ones or the ones your train traverses daily.  Enjoy!

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  1. What I also find interesting is the switch in the video appears to be a swingnose frog.


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