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Wednesday, April 17

Interlocking Walkthrough: DUKE

DUKE interlocking, located just to the east of Northport Station, is roughly 40 miles away from Long Island City on the Port Jefferson Branch.  Here's a bird's eye view of the location.

DUKE interlocking is a somewhat standard passing siding interlocking.  It's a bit different than most passing sidings on the Port Jefferson Branch in the regard that the siding is past the station (most of the other passing sidings at places like Kings Park, Stony Brook, Smithtown, Central Islip, etc) have the single track split into two tracks then meet at two platforms, like CI interlocking.  DUKE isn't unique however, MS (JJD) interlocking in Mastic Shirley shares this same setup.

Because of its odd setup it isn't used all that much over the course of a day, but it does see trains occasionally.

DUKE interlocking gets its name from retired conductor Henry L. Duke.

DUKE interlocking, like many other passing sidings, are simple in nature.  There's DUKE 1, which is the western switch into the siding, then there's a siding roughly 18-20 cars long, then there's DUKE 2 where the siding merges back into the Port Jefferson Branch track.  Again, this set up is very similar to CI interlocking.

DUKE's passing siding and signal looking eastbound from the station.
DUKE interlocking is home to six handful of position light pedestal signals (the ones that sit near to the ground).

There is not, nor was there ever, a tower at DUKE interlocking.  The switches and signals at DUKE have been controlled from the tower at DIVIDE interlocking since it was put into service in May 1963.

The nearest interlocking to the west is HUNT interlocking, near Huntington.  There are a couple hand-thrown switches and a passing track near Greenlawn station, but they are not used in regular service.  They are also not interlocked, or part of DUKE or HUNT interlockings.

To the east, the next interlocking is FOX interlocking, near Kings Park.

DUNTON interlocking in Jamaica is next up in only 7 short days!

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