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Wednesday, March 20

Interlocking Walkthrough: BRENT

Despite it being an insanely busy start to the week for the LIRR, I'm going to try and squeak in this week's interlocking walkthrough: BRENT interlocking in Brentwood.  (pardon my brevity, but the interlocking is kinda simple in nature anyways).  Here's a bird's eye view of the location.

So as you might be able to see in the diagram above, BRENT interlocking contains one solitary switch.  The mainline goes from two tracks to one at this location.  From Deer Park all the way east to here at BRENT the mainline is two tracks, east of here all the way to CI interlocking the mainline is one track.

BRENT interlocking retains the "old-style" position light signals.  There are smaller pedestal signals on the two mainline tracks going east just towards the end of the station platforms, and going west there's a full-sized position signal to the engineer's right.

There's no tower currently here, and there never was.  The switch and signals here are always been controlled by DIVIDE tower near Hicksville since the interlocking went into service in 1987.

BRENT is bordered by JS interlocking near Deer Park to the west and CI interlocking near Central Islip to the east.

Trains can come rocking through here at 80 m.p.h., which is the speed limit on either side of the interlocking.

So that wraps BRENT up for now...sorry for the skimpiness of this post, but with all the crazy stuff going on around LI I got caught a bit short on time.  BROOK near Atlantic Terminal is up next in one week.

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